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We distill abstract ideas into tangible plans, then build them.

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Minimalist & Focused

Our products aim to solve a single problem with elegance and simplicity.

Rapid Prototyping

We often throw out two or three "working" versions of something before we feel it's hitting the mark.


Technology has driven software approaches for too long. It's time to return power to the people!

Mobile Web

Although native apps have their place, we focus on web software that works on any device.


Up Close and Personal

Userforge helps UX-er's create, share, and iterate on empathy-laden user persona designs: UserForge is a collaboration with Matt Farley

Layers of Meaning

Layers is our ambitious effort to redefine a space between word processors and spreadsheets. A bit of structure with plenty of flexibility, and built for collaboration. Try out our work in progress at


Decide Together

Decisive helps an increasingly distributed workforce make better shared decisions by improving efficiency and reducing frustration:

Don't just discuss, decide! Open-ended discussion and collaboration apps can lead to wasted time and off-topic wanderings. Decisive's unique process combines prioritized conversations with rating sliders to illuminate the best choice based on the group's combined intelligence, while keeping everyone "on track" to the specified principles or priorities. Alpha testers are welcomed, so contact us if you're interested.

Code Kickstarter

Codova is a web app builder for tech-savvy business experts. Think MS Access for the web but multi-user with zero proprietary lock-in: (project is dormant)